exactly like.

To the woman who’s laugh is contagious…

who’s cooking is unbelievable…

who’s dance moves are unmatched…

who’s heart is bigger than all others’…

who I want to be exactly like…

have you ever seen a more precious woman?


I wish I could be there with you, but I know you’re having a blast at the coast with the boys.  If you’re in a rental, be sure not to set off the alarm in the nicest part of town when your daughter’s trying to take a nap in the car… because that will absolutely scare the crap outta your daughter… and it will just be embarrassing for everyone… especially when you can’t figure out how to turn the alarm off for a good five minutes… trust me.  And just a few days after the Dim Sum Incident… phew… the laughing times.

I love you so so much, Momma!  Thank you for being the best mother a girl could ask for!

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