bright enough inside.

Yesterday was just a bit of a rough one, from begining to end.

Thank goodness I have loves to sit with when nothing else besides just sitting is okay.  We wined, I whined, I almost cried, I didn’t cry, we laughed, one tried on my dresses, we “ooh”ed, we “ahh”ed… life is warm.

All but one love left.  I threw a pity party fit for one for a whole second.

I was on the floor.  [because that’s where children throw fits.]

I cried.

– Do you wanna listen to some music, Rach?

– I don’t like music.

[p.s. obviously, i’m not dramatic at all when i’m bummed.]

– Do you wanna eat something?

– I don’t like food.

– Do you like anything?

– Not right now.

– Do you like your computer?

– No.

– Oh, man… this is bad.

We sat for a bit longer: him on the couch, me sprawled out on the floor like a child counting for hide-and-seek horizontally.

– Do you wanna watch a movie?

– Yeah.

– Alright!  Do you want to go to a movie?

– Can we watch Eternal Sunshine?  I think I want to watch Eternal Sunshine.

My Go-To: the lips that press back.

I thought about erasing:


Then found this on Le Love [when i decided that i did like my computer]:

And then, quickly after that, I found this from Matthew Lyons:

A lot of erasing.  I don’t really want to erase… anything… anyone… especially not trees.  I just had a rough day.

And it’s over, we’re onward, I’m not on the floor anymore.

That’s how those things go, huh?  If we’re bright enough inside, clouds can’t keep us dark after they pass over.

Oh, I forgot to give you the playlist from the most recent Morning Scramble.  It’s not scanned.  I haven’t been able to deal lately with the “eeerrrr”, “chkchk” of actually scanning anything.  I’ve been on the floor.  I digress:

ms playlist 8.10.10 A.
ms playlist 8.10.10 B.

My hands down favorite favorite:

[p.s. i recently did a show at night that we called, “Guilty Pleasures Galore”… i will have to share that experience with you soon.]

Okay, lovelilies, I hope you have an ah-mazing weekend.


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