i think i wanna live my life.

Yesterday, I stared at a computer… almost literally all day.

I finally left the apartment to get Thai food at around 9:30.  [which, p.s., tasted like corndogs.]

It was funny.  I was doing work.  Working.  [okay, yes… facebooking and gazing at beautifulness as well.]  But, mostly working.

And I like outside.  I do… but I didn’t really want to go outside.  I knew what I had to get done and I just sat there [cup of coffee after cup of coffee] and did it… with little desire to go out.  Most of my fellow Jacksonites would not understand, would call me crazy.  [p.s. i am a bit crazy.]

I listened to this song… [a bit ironically]…

…over and over.

[it be my new fave.]

Then, this morning, with the heavy fog everywhere, the song rang in my head.

It made sense.

I really wanted to go outside.  I wanted to walk around, listen to good music, hit up antique stores, wear layer over layer and let the day take me where it could.

Find beauty.  [not in the mountains… where most people find it here.]

I wanted to find it out in people, in smiles, in meeting, in conversation.

I wanted to go outside.

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