hope that something pure can last.

Oh, the Post Office has been so exciting lately.  It delivers. What have I received lately?  Oh, I'm so glad you asked/care. My new reading glasses came.  They are not for reading... well, okay, they are... but for me, they are for staring at a computer.  It's sad, but my eyes have started hurting after… Continue reading hope that something pure can last.


Had a blast in the KHOL studio yesterday.  Groovin' hard to some sweet tunes.  So many favorites... how do I choose? [very much love this song/video.] [also slightly obsessed with this song/video.] [way excited about new of montreal... especially featuring beyoncé's little sis. p.s. video = nothing special.] [here we go... MAGIC!] [hells yeah jose… Continue reading HOWL.

a little “one on one”.

Oh, fall is starting to settle in... can you feel it? Here are some amazing things for your enjoyment: [ah-mazing.] First of all, you have to read this: http://gawker.com/5632501/what-to-listen-to-this-fall Because of Ashely, I have been sitting here laughing hysterically at the amazing descriptions of some amazing tunes.  Thanks for sending! Great Tunes + Great Laughs… Continue reading a little “one on one”.

labor day twentyten.

Not Pictured: Margaritas at Dusk on a Rooftop with Loves. Getting Busted by Horse Cops [p.s. horse cops = terrifying]. Huckleberry Hot Springs Amazingness. Watching the Most Hilarious Bird in the World Trying to Fly in Crazy Wind. Dinner Party Laughs and Laughs and Laughs. Much More Love. Thrift Shopping with Beautifuls and Finds Galore.… Continue reading labor day twentyten.