a little “one on one”.

Oh, fall is starting to settle in… can you feel it?

Here are some amazing things for your enjoyment:


First of all, you have to read this: http://gawker.com/5632501/what-to-listen-to-this-fall

Because of Ashely, I have been sitting here laughing hysterically at the amazing descriptions of some amazing tunes.  Thanks for sending!

Great Tunes + Great Laughs = Good Times.

[and, for the less robotic lovers…]


oh, i love them.

I do very much miss fireflies.  They are magic.  In high school, a boyfriend took me to a place where the fireflies were amazingly out of control.  It was like being a giant movie star in a sea of tiny paparazzo.  We slow danced amidst them… just like in Robin Hood…

Oh, cheesy high school love.  Regardless, I love fireflies.

[ugh, this hilarity makes me kind of wish i were in portland sometimes.]

Married To The Sea rules.

[it’s errrywhere!]

thinner in some places.

1 thought on “a little “one on one”.”

  1. Dad and I took a late evening walk last night around the neighborhood and were joined by some lovely fireflies.

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