I hiked Snow King today.  By myself.  Near dark.

Fall is here.  This song came on my iPod:

Besides wanting to strut around in cowboy boots to dance to this song…

And besides secretly wanting to make out with Sean Hayes but secretly not wanting to face the fact that it’s purely because of his homeless man beard…

This song makes me alive inside.

With the fall [fire] colors all around me and the the lyrics, “fire, burning me inside out” and “fire comes and your can’t strick back”, everything was too perfect: so alive.

And then I went and saw this movie:

I cried through most of it… not sure why.  Because it’s so truthful?

I thought it was refreshing… but then I recalled to a friend that I think that anything I cry at is “refreshing”… maybe.  [huh.]

Oh, wild Saturday nights.

[= dumb blahg.]

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