hope that something pure can last.

Oh, the Post Office has been so exciting lately.  It delivers.

What have I received lately?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked/care.

biographies are down that aisle... and please keep your voice down.

My new reading glasses came.  They are not for reading… well, okay, they are… but for me, they are for staring at a computer.  It’s sad, but my eyes have started hurting after staring at this funny box for too long.

I thought they were blue!  I ordered them online and they looked like this amazingly beautiful teal color… but, alas, they are Slimer-green.

I feel like I look like a librarian… going through a mid-life crisis… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I asked Evan,

– These glasses are horrid, aren’t they?  Just tell me.

– Well… I will say that I’m glad you aren’t super psyched on them and wanna wear them out in public… because that would’ve been awkward when I tried to stop you.

Loving using them to stare at computers, though… and read things that come to me via the mail…


…like my new climbing guide!  OH. MY. GOSH.  I’m so excited about my fall exodus.  I’ll end up being in Yosemite for two weeks climbing to my heart’s content.

Yosemite is where I go to reset.  Things become clearer after a trip to that valley.  If you’ll be in or around Yosemite the second and third week of October, holler at me and we’ll celebrate life together.  Oh, my heart swells just thinking about it.

And that aforementioned exodus will start with something I’ve been looking forward to for years…

oh em gee, yes.

…an ARCADE FIRE CONCERT.  In Portland.  With Al.  One of my favorites.

I’m not sure if you know, but this can’t get much more exciting.  I’ve wanted to see Arcade Fire, like, for forever.  They are hands-down my favorite and the thought of seeing them makes their stored songs within me want to burst straight through my chest and fill the room with tear-worthy anticipation.  [too dramatic?  meh.]

If you don’t love Arcade Fire, it’s okay… we will be friends, but never more.  Either way, you should look at this…


It is wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

[much love.]

3 thoughts on “hope that something pure can last.”

  1. I actually love them. Just act super eccentric when you wear them and it’ll be fine. Things are only awkward for you if you let them be and who cares how other people feel about your super-awesome retro-green glasses?

  2. Hello dear,several things: I always thought green was your best color. You look lovely in your new specs. 2, I hope when they say “Free” Climbs they mean the cost and not lack of gear.

  3. may I please add another ‘new’… your beautiful necklace that is also pictured in the photo with your reading glasses… it didn’t come in the mail but is still exciting none the less

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