pull it together.

I’m back in Jackson.

It’s almost surreal.  Snow everywhere.  Everything is the same… except it’s all white.  So different than when I left.

Hard to get back into the swing of things.  [i say that like there was ever a constant rhythm to the swing.]

My radio show this morning.  Hard to wake up.

Walking to the station and almost falling over from slipping on the ice.

Anna was supposed to stop by and hang out for a while… and read some Public Service Announcements [cuz she’s the best at ’em].

A text from Anna:

“hey, don’t think i’m gonna make it to the station today.  sorry!”

Not a problem.

Songs played, songs played, I spoke.

I botched it.  Could hardly finish a sentence.  Stumbling over each word.

It was painful.  Painful.  Apologizing on air for not being able to speak.


Start the music again.  Five minutes pass.

Anna busts in the studio door with coffee in hand…

– Jesus Christ, Stevens, pull it together!  I heard you and figured you needed a latté in your life.




1 thought on “pull it together.”

  1. PSA, Would the white subaru with license plate #TFA-2783294865-XYR-42933084-HYA-7655723, Please move your vehicle, your license plate is blocking the driveway. Thank You

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