since i was twelve.

Okay, I’m reusing my post from last Halloween…

– Why can’t witches get pregnant?

– I dunno, Mom… Why?

– Because warlocks have hollow-weenies!

[out of the 500 times i’ve heard this joke, i bet i hear the punch line about 25% of the time… the other 75%, she’s laughing too hard to deliver it.  i love my momma.]

…I just love it too much.

This year might have been the best Halloween since I was twelve.

Lady Gaga and a Radasaurus danced their socks off this weekend… combining all my favorite things: Pop Culture, Dinosaurs, Radness and Dancing.

bearded ladies, hotness, lady gaga.
radasaurus, geeky zombie, abe lincoln.

Hope you had an amazing celebration of fun!

cowboy, waldo, IT geek, radasaurus, abe lincoln. LOVE.

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