…in a good way.

On the way to anywhere, sometimes I’ll stop by our local thrift shop… because it’s across the street… and because it’s rad.

Today [YES, TODAY!], I found THESE…

these boots were made for walkin', dancin', scootin', skippin'... okay, mainly dancin'.

I am OB-SESSED.  It’s like I paid $3.50 for a dream come true… a dream I never even knew I had… [trippy, huh?]

Yeah, I love them.  Not sorry.  I met my friend, Anna, for lunch shortly after buying them and the first thing she said was…

– Oh, man… I love those boots!  They look like they were Austin Power’s… in a good way.

Hells yeah, in a good way!

Got me thinking: Who’s boots were these??  Dang, I wanna know.  They’ve definitely got a story… there’s history behind those zippers on one side and snaps on the the other.

Who was this person?  A woman?  Or one amazingly styling cowboy?  Why did they buy these shoes?  A big night out?  Work shoes?  A reward for themselves?  Were they a gift?

Whatever the story, they were loved.  And will continue to be loved.

Another thing that will be forever loved is my new favorite ring…

LOVE it.

And this is great because I know the story.

I’ve had this ring for about a month and a half now.  My old boss/current friend, Geneva, gave me this ring…

me, bardito, geneva... LOVE.

She gave it to me the last day that I watched her little boy before they moved to Denver.  She wrote out why she gave it to me in an amazingly sweet letter.  It used to be her’s and while packing up, found it and thought of me.  She wrote…

“It is now 1am, and I need to go to bed, but I have to write a little more explanation.  My friend’s dad made this ring, and I think it is perfect for you.  The fiery opal is from Australia!  I also think the long lines are made for long, slender, artistic and athletic fingers.  I hope you enjoy it.”

So amazingly sweet.  LOVE.

She later told me it was made in Wyoming.

It IS perfect.

And it, too, will be very much loved.

Don’t know why, but all these old, loved things and how comfortable they are… how they’re here and they always should’ve been, how they fit too well… make me want to listen to this song over and over…

[makes no sense and it’s all so silly… but it’s smiling and it’s loving and it’s being and being well.]

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