just everything.

It’s been a hard time… I won’t lie to you.

Going around in circles asking myself, WHAT AM I DOING?

The off-season combined with free time and just grey… grey all the time, everywhere has driven me crazy.

And, then, whoa… Have you read/seen Revolutionary Road?  My goodness, you should.

I saw it and then wanted to read the book.  So powerful.  Found it in the $1 bin at our library and found it too right.

…which is horribly depressing.  Revolutionary Road is about a couple who fell in love with each other and the dancing and drinking and passion of their 20’s and then followed the American norms and expectations and fell into mediocrity, depression and plastic tree life.

Anywho, it all became too real and the question came up again, WHAT AM I DOING?

I’ll tell you what I’m doing.


Celebrating the love.

Celebrating life.

Celebrating smiles through everything… anything.

Celebrating ridiculousness.

Celebrating preciousness.

Celebrating randomness.

Celebrating coincidence.

Celebrating half birthdays [also, this falls under “ridiculousness”.]

a half beer for a half birthday.

Celebrating a night of drinks over a missed work out.  [catching up, laughing, sharing, TMI, laughing, digging deep to reach in and present this… this is what’s been going on… holding it in your hands.]

Celebrating wishes.  [dreams.]

with a wish-a-saurus.

[p.s. check out those circles under the eyes… maybe i should’ve wished to not look like a raccoon… or wished for more sleep… or… eh… yeeesh.]

Celebrating a foster home.

this is "lotus"... i hate her adoption center name and i love everything else about her. don't worry, i do know i'm not responsible enough to have a dog... just responsible enough to foster one.

Celebrating the now.

Celebrating this.

Celebrating just everything.

[just a taste.]

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