and it feels all right.

The Teton County Library is a solid association that I have with Fall in Jackson.

I love it here.

I love watching people studying, seeking, learning, playing, killing time, helping.

My favorite library-goer is close enough to me.  He’s a man.  He’s a bit older than me, a climber I assume… judging by the Pagan Mountaineering shirt and the callouses on his hand.  Why is he my favorite?  He keeps pulling out pack after pack of fruit snacks from his computer bag.

I love it.

The simple innocence of a treat-indulging adult… one pack at a time.

The library is a place where I almost always feel valid.

Art is illuminated.  Music is illuminated.  Community is illuminated.  And I’m basking in it all just by being here.

[this is the point where i wanted to include a rad song so this post wasn’t just a waste of space… but i couldn’t really find it on youtube or soundcloud… so it’s here… and it’s good and worth it:]

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