[first off: realized the link to the song in the previous post wasn’t working… fixed it… click away… trust me.]

Woke up yesterday with a lot of work to do.  Decided I wouldn’t stare at my computer in my pajamas and slowly wake up.

Decided I’d wake early, get dressed, make an ungodly amount of espresso and kick-start my day.  Hell, I even put on mascara.

Sat at the window, so early, with snow everywhere lighting up anything, everything.  A blizzard.

Sitting, working, sipping, watching from above as bundled up bodies trudge their way though all the snow.

It was peaceful.

Staring out the window… a time for reflection.

A friend sent me a video, said it reminded me of him.  These are the best kind of compliments:

Stared at a computer all day.  Numb, but quavering.

Listened to this:

[probably cried.]

Finally made myself go out of the house in the late evening.

Did my hair.

Did it again.

Liked it better the first way.

Literally tried to push ⌘ Z… Edit > Undo… in my head… for my hair.

That’s when you know you’ve been working on a computer for too long.

Woke up this morning.  Still numb, but quaking.

So tired.

Threw on WHAT. EVER. to go over to the radio station for my show.

Didn’t really care, didn’t really notice… until I noticed.  Wearing a short person’s bright striped dress and flowered long johns… WOW.

Laughing at myself because I was such a hot mess.


Laughing at it all.  Cracking myself up.  Laughing out loud.

Dancing in pajamas.

To old, but favorite songs:

Focusing on the joy.

When life is hard, dark, you have to illuminate the good things just so you can see where you’re going.  Watch your steps fall.  Carry the torches of love, of light.  Juggle the simple joys, the tiny sparklers, to help you see where you need to go.

The dance-worthy songs:

The inspiring reads.

The friendly smiles and randomness.

The out-of-the-blue encouraging emails.

The lovely songs:

The funny text messages.

The memories.

The dreams.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

The sparklers.

Those steps.

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