that whole reading/reader situation.

My dear Dabney sent this to me today:

I love it.

The site documents what people spotted in subways are reading and give projections about that whole reading/reader situation happening.

It kinda made me miss Australia; where I rode a train constantly and always had a book in hand.  [or at least bag.]  And I would sit there and wonder what people thought about me and what I was reading…

The times I had Harry Potter – “Does he think I’m an idiot?  Whatevs… I think he’s an idiot if he thinks I’m an idiot… Otherwise, he’s pretty cute.”

The times I was reading my favorites [Miranda July, Jonathan Safran Foer, Dave Eggers] – “Do they know what they’re missing by not being me, reading this, right now?… Also, do they know how much of a dork I am?”

The few times I was brave enough to read Anais Nin on a train – “Oh, young little hipster… If you only knew how naughty this book is… You would be way more excited about books and less about that wretched music I can hear coming from your neon headphones.”

I wish there was a train in my life to keep me reading more.  I’m only just getting to the books everyone has been telling me I HAVE to read…

I’ve taken to putting a ten dollar bill in books as a bookmark… and then when I’m finished with the book, I get to buy myself a totally selfish treat of some breed.  Incentive… because there are no trains… and I’ve recently discovered Dexter.

3 thoughts on “that whole reading/reader situation.”

  1. I am on the third book in that series! It is really good and slightly disturbing, the first book gave me nightmares. Do you like it?

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