love is there.

The holidays at home, in Texas, are always so comforting, so familiar… home.

And everyone gets their fair share of running around.  Dad works at the Post Office and works his ass off everyday up to Christmas.  Mom is mom and wants everything to be perfect for everyone.  Ryland has to find the right present for everyone.  And I just have to catch up in general from procrastinating and living in Wyoming.

I came home a couple days ago… stressed… after running errands all day.  Mom and Ryland were in the kitchen getting some kind of food ready.  Dad was sitting on the couch, decompressing from his long work day.  I plopped down on a chair in the living room… tired…

Dad and I made a bit of small talk and then he said…

– Oh!  I have an early Christmas present for you.  Tell me when you want it.

– Ummm… Okay… You can give it to me whenever you want to.

– Well, it’s fleeting.

– Is it a cocktail?  Cuz I want that right now.

– No.

– Well, whenever then.

– Well, tell me when you wanna be quiet for a bit.

– I can be quiet now.

– Okay.

Dad stands up and turns off the Christmas music and then he turns off the TV he had on mute.  Then he says…

– Oh, I’m nervous.  I don’t know if I wanna do this.  Man, I’m nervous.

He stands in the middle of the living room, closes his eyes, folds his hands in one another to his chest and sings…

When you find yourself alone… No way of getting home…

My gut reaction is to giggle a little… I’m thinking that it’s a skit he’s doing or something… something silly.  I soon realize this is not a bit… this is special.  It’s so amazingly special… he keeps on singing… eyes closed… hands clasped… a capella…

Wrap yourself in a blanket of stars… My love is there…

I put my hand on my face, over my mouth… It was so special.  There he was, my father, my daddy, singing his heart out, with his eyes closed, for me… for Christmas.

This is what he sang…

Mom and Ryland stopped what they were doing, froze and watched and listened.

He continued on, sang the whole song.  I cried.

When you find yourself alone
No way of getting home
Wrap yourself in a blanket of stars
My love is there

It’s the night that always burns
The day will take its turn
Picture my arms around your neck
My love is there

My love is there
It can find you anywhere
You’re gonna learn just how to trust
My love is there

If nothing’s going right
Fear sleeps with you and I
Oh, remember this if nothing else
My love is there

My love is there
It can find you anywhere
You’re gonna learn just how to trust
My love is there

Oh, you’re gonna learn just how to trust
My love is there

He finished the last line and I stood up, wiping tears from my cheeks, thanking him over and over.

It was the most amazing Christmas present I’ve ever received… hands down.

The love caught me by surprise.

How brave.  How thoughtful.  How wonderful.  How beautiful.

I hear people say, “This is what the holiday is about” and I’ve always nodded along in agreement no matter what the subject.

Faith, Family, Giving, Friends, Smiling, Laughing, Lights, Skiing… etc., etc.  I never really had a realization about exactly what this holiday is about.

I have now.  What my dad did a few days ago, standing up and singing about love to his daughter as a gift to her…

That is what this holiday is about.

The happiest of holidays to you and yours.


3 thoughts on “love is there.”

  1. i know! my pops actually told me that he really wants me to learn the song so we can sing it together one day. it terrifies me to think about it. he’s braver than me.

    so much love.

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