a love/dislike letter.

Dear Texas,

How to I love thee?  Let me list the ways…

• [and foremost] My Family.

• Your TexMex Food.

• Your Margaritas.

• When you have my BFF around for long periods of time, I want to cry of happiness.

• Antiquing.  [oh, my… wonderfulness.]

• College Friends and Their Gorgeous Families.

• Incredibly Awkward Salons.


• Middle School Reunions.

• Your Year Round Running Weather.

• The Austin Airport.  [maybe this is because i hardly ever have to spend extended periods of time there… and all the local vendors are oh, so lovely.]

• Mass Amounts of Ah-mazing Pearl Snaps at Every Thrift Store.

• Your Incredible Radio Stations.

• The Friendliness of All of You.

But, as you know, our relationship has been a bit on-again-off-again.  In a honest affair, I feel it best to express my dislikes…

• Bug Bites.  All The Time.  All Over My Poor Legs.

• 80° One Day, 27° The Next… Too Fickle.

• Chain, Chain, Chain… [what happen to all of your lovely independant francishes errrrrrywhere?]

• Where’s Your Indian Food?

• No Mountains.  [well, at least not near me.]

• People Are Too Styley… I Can’t Keep Up.

• How You Are Just So Tempting To Eat and Drink in Excess.

• All Your People Think I Live In Mississippi.

See, not too many complaints.  You know I love you dearly.

Thanks for always being there.

Thanks for always being so awesome.


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