a few good men.

I have a lot a lot of talented friends.  And I love collaborating with them... or at the very least, watching what they do. My incredible musician friend, Bobby, is part of Rollover Mariner.  I made this gig poster for him: After saving an Illustrator jpg, it decided to change itself colors.  But I kinda… Continue reading a few good men.

without blinding. without exposing.

The light of the 6 o'clock hour in Jackson is just gorgeous.  I stepped outside and walked a few steps before actually saying, "This is gorgeous." It is bright without blinding.  Light without exposing.  It is so still.  So right. And cold. It feels as though the light of the day has been frozen and… Continue reading without blinding. without exposing.

lethal poison for the system.

After running some errands today, I decided I wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Okay, who am I kidding?  I had brought along coupons I've been saving for DQ. The whole point of this excursion was to get a Blizzard. Driving through town, towards DQ, I saw a hitchhiker.  And I thought to myself,  Self, you… Continue reading lethal poison for the system.


When I lived in Yosemite [the 2008 time], we instated the "One Song Dance Party".  It was only one song, and it had to happen every night.  It was glorious. Some people would just be sitting at the kitchen table, watching... laughing... And then there we'd be... dancing, smiling, laughing... sweating... It looked something like… Continue reading reinstated.

alone. empowered. beautiful.

[feelings oh, so familiar.] Last night I went to a TreeFight event [nice logo, eh?] at the Center for the Arts featuring the amazing work of Thais Beltrame. Walking around, I was instantly moved by her work... It was like a story, an on-going epic... Moving...         I could go on and… Continue reading alone. empowered. beautiful.

we can get along.

Checked the mail today.  Held in my hands a bunch of stuff I don't want, I don't need, that's not supposed to be for me... but then there was amazingness... Today was a late Christmas... Today was love... [expressed in haikus.] photos of bardman to add to the collection cannot get enough. a t-rex santa?… Continue reading we can get along.