we can get along.

Checked the mail today.  Held in my hands a bunch of stuff I don’t want, I don’t need, that’s not supposed to be for me… but then there was amazingness…

Today was a late Christmas…

Today was love…

[expressed in haikus.]

amazing photos in a card from geneva, dave and bard.

photos of bardman
to add to the collection
cannot get enough.

christmas t-rex card from allison.

a t-rex santa?
he won’t come down your chimney
cuz he’s just too rad.


an oregon/maine postcard from whales.

a rock but quite more
the memory of freedom
whales, thank you for this.


a christmas card from brittnee, robert and dylan.

a child so grown up
who knew a girl from club dos
could show love like this?

[a mix cd from my little bro.]

whoa, is that cee-lo?
where did john fogerty go?
we can get along.


a clinique make-up bag from my aunt.

i’d rather have words
as kind as the rest of us
but i’ll take make-up.


a bicycle bottle opener from anna.

bicycles and beer
a pair just second to us
thanks anna, you rule.


glitter dino from K$.

it’s a mother eff-
-in’ glitter hanging dino
whoa, this be my fave.

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