like four or five times.

Sitting in the living room with Evan, we’re both decompressing, thinking aloud… then Evan asks…

– Do you want something to drink?

– Yeah, I need some juice in my life.

– I’ll make some.  [gets up and goes to the kitchen.]

– You’re so nice.

– I wonder if we have any juice.

– Did any of your old girlfriends tell you how nice you are?

– There’s a lot of stuff in this fridge.

– Have you ever broken up with a girl because she took advantage of you because you’re so nice?

– I need to clean out this fridge.

– Well?…  Have you ever?

– Yeah.

– You have??  Really??

– Yeah, like four or five times.

– What??!  Are you gonna break up with me?

– What?  No, I don’t mind cleaning out the fridge.

– …Wait.  What?

– Wait…….  What?

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