then there’s an asterisk.

Sometimes I forget how much I love the face to face conversation. How much I love just running into people, talking, catching up, sharing.

Which explains how I forgot that I love going to the local coffee shop to set up shop early in the morning. My friend says that you meet the best kinds of people out early in the morning. I decided I should suck it up and get out early to introduce myself as a bestie as well.

Turns out, I know a lot of these early morning people! And you’re right, my friend! They are all so nice. I had so many “so good to see you!” [hug] “take a seat” conversations this morning. Catching up, gaining perspective, sharing, caring, being real, loving the randomness of friendship and the beauty in conversing.

Simple but gorgeous.

The end of one conversation…

“Yeah, I’ve got everything figured out…  If by ‘everything’, you mean ‘nothing’… and then there’s an asterisk that directs you to the bottom of the page that reads, ‘But I’m happy.'”


I’ve got everything nothing figured out.













*But I’m happy.


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