When I lived in Yosemite [the 2008 time], we instated the “One Song Dance Party”.  It was only one song, and it had to happen every night.  It was glorious.

Some people would just be sitting at the kitchen table, watching… laughing… And then there we’d be… dancing, smiling, laughing… sweating…

It looked something like this…

one song dance party at the "B" party.

…That was taken at our “B” party.  Please note “Boy Blue, Little” and “Backpack”.

And almost always, this dance party revolved around this one song…

Oh, the MGMT times… everyone was doing it.

And then I went on to have “One Song Dance Parties” by myself in kitchens:

Well, tonight, after driving home and listening to bad pop music, I decided it’s time to reinstate the “One Song Dance Party”.  Each night it will be to a different horridly amazing pop song.  And it will dance all the bad of the day out, as well as celebrate the day full of… well, whatever there is to celebrate…

Tonight’s song was this… [remember, i’m aware that it’s horrid/awesome]…

And now I have a partner in crime… dance crime…

the move no one can resist.
elbows and duck lips.
fist pumpin'.
gettin' doooowwwnnnn.
we want YOU... to dance with us.
think a dance-off challenge was happening here.
you be the judge.
that is a lot of arm.
annnnnd...... we out.

3 thoughts on “reinstated.”

  1. oh yes. i definitely miss terrace kids dance party times. and the hanging around with you two times. we played scrabble with some couchsurfers recently. that was pretty rad, but not as rad as pictures 4 and 9.

  2. oh, yay! you MUST start and australian sector of “one song dance parties”. MUST. and get your point on… and fist pumping…


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