it smears.

Quickly talked to my momma on the phone today.

Had so much to share.  Things I should be writing about.

• Found recipes from eons ago.

• Catering for people richer than God.

• Food.

• Laughing ’til crying whilst skiing because I was acting like a drowning victim.

• Amazing radio shows and new music.

• Why I turn down the radio when I pass the library.  [well, see, i don’t really know why i do that.]

• Designing and finding inspiration.

…things I should be writing about.  Sharing.

But Momma couldn’t really talk either.

– Your father and I are going to see Tex Thomas and his Danglin’ Wranglers.

– Oh.  Cool.

– Do you know who that is?

– No.

– They played at our wedding.

– Ohhhh… Yeah!

Somewhere [in storage] I have a T-shirt I stole from my parents that is downright ah-mazing.  It it a cut-off red shirt that says “Dare To Dangle” on the front.

Kinda like this…


We hung up and I felt really happy about things.  Just things.  The fact that my folks are driving [on a school night] to go see the band that played at the celebration of their love.  That people [some people] like each other long enough to go to concerts [the same concerts] years after years.

Reminded me of what I found when I was back home for the hollerdays…

good-lookin' kids right there, eh?

Yep.  Those are my folks… circa 1979ish?  Dunno.  My mom is the one in the middle and my dad is next to her [the one with the beard].  Check my mom’s glasses.  Yep.  Those are perscription…. aka worn for everyday occasions… not just for discos and softball games.

And on the back…

"Virginia with her favorite buddies."

It reads:

Virgina with her favorite

Mary Jo (MoJo) (MJB)  – Virginia (Curly) (Burr) – Jim (Burr’s Sweetheart)

(p.s. don’t ever write on the back of a photo with a felt (?) pen… it smears.)


Oh, I love it.  “Jim  (Burr’s Sweetheart)”  It’s crazy to see glimpses into the life of your parents [who you are, where you came from] as real people, real twenty-somethings.  Beer drinkin’, unfortunate glasses wearin’, styley shirt wearin’, concert goin’… real people.

It made me feel so good.

And then I watched this…

…and it kinda made me feel weird.

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