lethal poison for the system.

After running some errands today, I decided I wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Okay, who am I kidding?  I had brought along coupons I’ve been saving for DQ.

The whole point of this excursion was to get a Blizzard.

Driving through town, towards DQ, I saw a hitchhiker.  And I thought to myself,  Self, you got nothin’ goin’ on today… Take this guy wherever he wants to go.

So I pulled over and asked…

– You need a ride?

– Oh, yeah!  Thanks!

He got in and we figured out where he needed to go.

– Thanks for pickin’ me up; I’ve been standin’ there for a while.

– No prob.  Hey!  I was gonna go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard.  I got a coupon; you want one?!

– Uhh… Ohhh… No, I don’t eat that stuff.

– Oh, yeah, no, okay… I’ll get one on the way back.

[…from driving you to a place that I do not need to go.]

I was so embarrassed.  And the drive was so so awkward.

We got to where he needed to be and said our goodbyes.

I drove back to town less excited [but still excited] about my Blizzard.  Ugh.

The worst part?  My coupon was 2 for 1 Blizzards.

NO… I did not get two delicious candy ice cream treats for myself.  But it did cross my mind.

At least I did get to hear this song on 89.1 KHOL whilst driving around…

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