without blinding. without exposing.

The light of the 6 o’clock hour in Jackson is just gorgeous.  I stepped outside and walked a few steps before actually saying, “This is gorgeous.”

It is bright without blinding.  Light without exposing.  It is so still.  So right.

And cold.

It feels as though the light of the day has been frozen and isn’t allowed to move on.  Like a lover being held in bed, smiling, minutes late for another affair.

For some reason this light makes me want to call everyone I’ve ever loved and tell them…

Tell them what?  I don’t know.  But I like the idea of that sentence ending with “tell them.”

This light makes me think of Lisa.  Besides my family, she is my longest love.  And she takes pictures that feel like they belong in this light.

These jewels were stolen off Lisa’s facebook.  Maybe I should call and tell her.

[call and tell her.]

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