a few good men.

I have a lot a lot of talented friends.  And I love collaborating with them… or at the very least, watching what they do.

My incredible musician friend, Bobby, is part of Rollover Mariner.  I made this gig poster for him:

After saving an Illustrator jpg, it decided to change itself colors.  But I kinda like it.  It was supposed to be this:

Yeah, I like it greenish.  I think.

And the other day I went skiing with my awesome photographer friend, Dan Long.

He took this picture…

Yep.  He’s super talented.  [he also picks the hawtest models.]  You can see more of his radness here: daniellongphotography.com

And my talented writer friend, Jim, well, he is JH Underground.   And I recently convinced him to let me write an article about my favorite restaurant in the valley for his site.

Check it: http://www.jhunderground.com/2011/01/31/teton-thai-is-back-%E2%80%94-at-village/




[keepin’ busy.  lovin’ it.]


p.s. this rules…

1 thought on “a few good men.”

  1. oh wow, what a happy accident! I love the green fo sho. Aaaand… can I request a booty shakin head bobbing booby jiggling dance mix from you with that song included!

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