the remnants of the good of the darkness.

The last two nights, I've had vivid dreams about moving back to Australia. My friend, Andrew, says... - Dreams are like pictures: If I'm not in them and no one's naked, I don't care. Well, some of my good friends were in the dreams, as well as the family I used to work for: The… Continue reading the remnants of the good of the darkness.

she was your age.

A little Friday refresher of some finds I think you'll enjoy... This website: It's so wonderful!  Your mother... where you came from... when she was your age... the same.  Such a beautiful thing. Gosh, I love it. And this movie: It's delightful.  Raw.  Different.  Indie [get ready... if you like "indie", you'll love... if… Continue reading she was your age.

with glittering eyes.

A lovely sent an email yesterday saying... some words for you today... thought you might like this, I know I did xx [gorgeous.] And then another lovely sent this: A favorite gorgeous song to a beautiful video. I figured out I need more pretty songs in my library.  If you know any lovely songs, please… Continue reading with glittering eyes.