glorious embarrassment.

I have been known to be a bit of a junkshow when it comes to skiing.  [gimme a break, i’m from texas!]

aerial falls… skiing downhill kneeling on both skis… acting like a drowning victim after a fall… getting caught in a ski fence…

…oh, the ridiculous memories.

A couple days ago, I skied with two of my closest Jackson girls up on the pass.  We skinned a good ways up and were almost to the top and then we hit a slick, steep spot on the skin track.  Allison and Julia went ahead of me, with caution, giving me the heads-up that it was tricky.

Of course they go right on ahead and then I try it and [gracefully] slide right down backwards and fall in deep powder off the skin track.

And of course a group of EIGHT people decide to turn the bend at that exact moment to find me sitting in the snow while my friends are out of sight.

Oh, it was a glorious embarrassment.

SO embarrassing.

– Oh, hi, no, I’m fine… Yeah, no, just go ahead… I’ll just sit here.  No, I don’t want anyone watching me while I try to get back up.  Yeah, no, I’m resting.

Those things are always NOT funny until you share them with a friend.  It’s always don’t cry, be cool, don’t cry, you’re fine… and then a laughing ’til you cry release reenactment when you tell a loved one.

And I was thinking about this yesterday, walking accross town from meeting to another meeting.  Thinking about how I’m just such a ridiculous junkshow sometimes when I ski.

I thought about getting out there more, practicing, skiing everyday, when all of the sudden I tripped.

It was one of the most glorious trips of all my life… One of those trips where your torso becomes parallel with the ground and your arms are flailing while your legs are taking the longest strides they’ve ever taken, stomping 1, 2, 3… until… CRASH.

Right into a snowbank.  HARD.

I couldn’t believe it.  I jumped up quicker than any tripping victim should and looked around.  Please let there not be anyone around, please tell me no one saw that, please, please, I’m cool, I’m cool, that was totally planned, oh, I have snow all over me, oh, my…

No one saw me, but I was mortified.  MORTIFIED.

Turns out I’m a junkshow in all kinds of aspects of my life.  But after sharing with a loved one my ridiculous story, she told me…

– You are my favorite junkshow.


[love it.]

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