Random Day.

[oh, so random.]

This morning, working out at a gym in a class.  A woman, a stranger, is my partner for a lot of things and she just keeps talking about how she has to get somewhere, she’s going to be late…

Woman:  I have to be at the radio station in ten minutes!

Me:  Oh, cool.  What radio station do you work for?

Woman:  What?  I don’t work there… It’s K-A-X or K-L-M or something, I don’t know.

Me:  Oh.  Well why are you going?

Woman:  I’m getting interviewed.

Me:  Oh, cool.  For what?

Woman:  I don’t know.

Me:  [thinking.] Okaaaaaay, I don’t believe you now.  Whatever you are up to, I do not believe you are going to any radio station to be interviewed for anything.  All the sudden I think you’re going to bomb something and I am taking extensive mental note of everything about your apperance. [saying.]  Neat.

Then I went to grab a coffee and sat, reading the paper, when a man came up to me and said…

Man:  Okay, I just have to ask.

[for some reason this made me unbelievably nervous.]

Me:  Allllriiiiight.  If you have to, go for it.

Man:  Where did you get your boots?

Me:  Oh, a thrift store.  Yeah, someone told me they’re old snowboard boots… like some of the first.  There’s no right or left foot and sometimes, if I’m dancing or something, they get really hot.  [ramble for a bit longer.]

Man:  Can I take a picture of them?

And thus began the awkward coffee shop, sitting down, photo shoot.

Here’s me standing awkwardly in my kitchen so you can see the mentioned boots.


Then I went home and watched this video a hundred times and laughed from preciousness overload:

You should watch the whole thing, but it gets really good around 2:00 minutes.

And then there was a babysitting job that deserves it’s own post entirely.  It was moving.  Still processing it.

Then I went to our local, awesome store, MADE, and while perusing, I bumped into a man with scraggly hair and a red leather jacket.

My first thought was, that is one strung out European on vacation.

Nope.  It was David Arquette.  And at a second glance, he just looks styley… not high.

Anywho, I got excited.  Small town girl gettin’ all silly over celebrities.



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