all i got.

I have this new babysitting gig.  [p.s. i’ve submerged myself in the realm of sitting on babies again to pay rent and keep me on my toes.]

So, this new gig is at the yoga studio down the street on every other Saturday morning.

I woke up this morning and ran around the apartment more worse for the wear than usual; fumbling over coffee grounds and washing my bangs in the sink [a priceless trick my friend, al, taught me].

And then I cursed.  Out loud.

I forgot I was supposed to supply books and toys for the kids who’s parents are getting all limber.

I forgot to go to the library and get books.

I forgot to find some hand-me-down toys from a friend or a thrift store.

So, I rallied what I could around the apartment.

Thank God the yoga studio had two boxes of toys and books…

…because this is all I got.

And I don’t know what I would have done with six kids, two dinosaurs and one Jacques Cousteau book.

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