I forgot to show you this…

Isn’t this project just the raddest?

[being someone new: being yourself: always yourself: someone new]

It’s brought to you by this amazing woman: Irina Werning [go check out the rest of the shots from the project!… they are ah-mazing.]

The “back to the future”, “where you’ve been” project.  I love it.  Absolutely love it.

Once I wrote about being in the same place… taking the same picture:

I want to do this again; recruit Werning to take my picture again with Lisa… reenact… this picture…

I’ll have to find the color version for real awesomeness.  And Lisa and I just might have to travel to Buenos Aires to complete the project since that’s where Werning is located… we just might have to.

Also, I’m currently a tad obsessed with this image:

By this artist: Julien Pacaud

And a new song for you:

And a great new album: [do it.  you’ll love it.]

And my newest radio show:

[love to all.]

[enjoy the sunshine.]

1 thought on “reenact.”

  1. This is awesome! Jake’s family has an entire wall of this at The Farm. Hilar. You’ll have to check it out. Let’s take a bunch of funny pics now and then get back together in our 70s and re-enact them. Of course, it’s always cuter when the first pic is one of kids. …

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