– Wull hay!  Have you met my friend, Rachel Stevens?  She’s the best blogger in Jackson!

– Hi, yeah, no, I’m sorry… really nice to meet you.

That’s a lot how the night went.  I had an amazing ladydate with my friend Colleen [who, p.s., introduces me to almost all the new awesome music i know…


And, yeah, turns out I’m Jackson’s, “Best Blogger with Something to Say”…

…according to the JH Weekly.

I did not know this for much of the day.  Around 2:30pm, I ran into Evan [the bf] and immediately he said…

– HAY!  Congrats!

– What?  For what?

– No one’s told you?

– What are you talking about?

Then he showed me the article.

It reads…

BEST Blogger with Something to Say
Rachel Stevens
The year 2010 may go down as the year of the blog. Who doesn’t have one? And that’s the problem. Everyone has nothing to say. My favorite secret indulgence is, run by the coolest hippy chick on the planet – Rachel Stevens. I’ve never met her but I know she likes Thai food, has a soft spot for DQ Blizzards, and she turned me on to British street artist Banksy. I never know what to expect when I cyber-bungee into her world. Stevens’s journal entries are so raw and personal I feel like I’m hacking her diary. She has credibility. She lets it all hang out. Beatnik poetry, poster art, and videos from bands no one over 30 has ever heard of are sprinkled throughout the scrapbook website that is updated almost daily.
Catch Stevens on KHOL Tuesday mornings from 8 to 10 a.m.

Jake Nichols

I don’t know how excited I am supposed to get about something like this…


I would like to thank…

p.s. mom, i’m pregnant. just kidding. no, i’m not… really. please don’t call me at 3am or anything… i’m totally unbabied. natalie portman IS pregnant, though.

• All the random readers who I never actually know about.  [you’re my favorite, really.]

• My friends who continually affirm that I’m not an idiot/insanely self-involved to have a blahg.

• My family who google searches “” almost every day to find this blahg. for making me look cool. for making me look cool.

• Lewis Smirl who always answers the phone, “WULL HAY!”

• The Academy [aka JH Weekly].

• Okay, no, but, seriously… Thanks, JH Weekly!  I really appreciate it.  This will make me do funny dances all around the town… in a good way.

• Everyone who I missed.

• I feel like I should throw in a F-bomb.  Should I?  Nah.

• Thanks, everyone!

And thanks to the lovely bearded man who will always slow dance with me when girls are lined up on one side of the gym and boys on the other… aka Evan… my roommate, my life-sharer, my teammate… the guy who found out I won “Best Blogger…” and had to give me this…

he gave me the newton decal… not the computer. p.s. i’m clothed… no matter what the bottle of wine in the background suggests.

Made my day.

I love it.

And now I feel a lot of pressure to do rad things on here.  I’m gonna keep trying to share newness in my life… beauty… heartache… awesomeness… dorkiness… love… dance-worthiness…

[but you should really be listening to this…]

[or this…]

8 thoughts on “cyber-bungee.”

  1. Hi Rachel – I’m one of the “random readers who I never actually know about”… however we’re pretty closely connected, as you are friends with two of my besties, Lindsey Yankey and Katrina (was roomies with them at KU)

    I just wanted to say hello, and own up to being a random reader. And to say congrats… you deserve it. I “read you” every couple of days and very much enjoy your posts.

    If you need a short trip outta Jackson to fix your travel bug, you’ve got a free place to stay in Boulder. Come on down and we’ll have some coffee and talk about mutual friends.

    Cheers + keep up the awesome.

    ps – every time i see a dinosaur object I think of you and Trina… which is weird considering we have NEVER MET. 🙂

  2. jess, i love it.

    all of it.

    and i wanna have coffee! with you! i promise promise i’ll hit you up next time i’m in boulder.

    but you have to promise promise to think about considering a trip to jackson and making our lovely friends yankey and K$ [and many other kansas kids] tag along.

    twould be a marvelous celebration commemorated with many a dance party.


  3. jackson dance party with besties and bestie’s good buddies is officially on the ‘to-do’ list.
    done and done.


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