my word was: i.

My number one ladycrush is Miranda July.


I’ve already talked to you about how much I love her book.  It is one of my favorite favorites.

[p.s. you can find how much i’m obsessed with miss july by using the “stalker” feature on this here blahg, located on the left upper portion of the page.]

And her first film was amazing.  I just watched it again to show it to a friend:

I just found out that she has a second film… called “The Future”… and I can’t find much about it.  I want to see it.  I want to know when I can see it.

But whilst searching around, I found this…



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Or go here:… it was found there.


She makes me want to write… to, like, write a book.  To create.  To be.  To be my favorite me.  To do.  To love.  To write.

Those people that make you want to be something better, something the same but brighter… those people.


Oh, and listen to this, if you haven’t yet:

[you’ll like.]


5 thoughts on “my word was: i.”

  1. I have to tell you I have been listening to this evening scramble like it is my own personal CD… Over and over… Loooove that Passion Pit song 🙂

  2. Bleck. Note to self: do not use the emoticons when leaving blog comments. I would not have used that emoticon if I knew it was going to end up looking like that. Creepy.

  3. ha… yeah, emoticons are tough sometimes… and creepy most the time.

    thanks for listening to the scramble! so glad you like it!


  4. oh, and kate, i’m not sure… but i hope it was some sort of naked competition… just so they’re not completely outta line.

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