ah-mazing/slightly depressing things.

Well, as the title promises, I must show you these ah-mazing/slightly depressing [with a sprankle of morbidity] things.

The first is something I found on my incredible friend, Lisa’s Facebook.  I don’t know how I missed this before now.  It was posted in 2007 and it’s in an album called, “How I Will Die.”


just plain incredible.

You might call it morbid, I call it genius.  When asked, Lisa told me that her and all of her theater friend [oh, those kids] from High School took pictures acting out the situations in which they assumed they would go.

I’ve thought about mine.  It’s unclear.  It would probably be some compromising photo of me getting electrocuted trying to watch 30 Rock on my computer in a bubble bath.  That or choking on nachos.

The second thing I want to show you is Garfield Minus Garfield.  It’s old Garfield comics with Garfield taken out.  Oh, man… I just love it.  John Arbuckle, who knew you were so so sad?

And then this horribly mean/awesome song:

That and many other songs were played on this morning’s Morning Scramble.  That show will be posted here in a whole second.  Check back.

2 thoughts on “ah-mazing/slightly depressing things.”

  1. I used to tell my friends that when I was on my deathbed I wanted them to come around and make me laugh to death instead of dying from whatever disease threatened to take me. So would that be old me in a bed laughing surrounded by friends? Not bad…

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