those simple.

The morning shows on KHOL are just so indie-tastic.  So pleasant.  Good tunes, good people.

It’s just such a great way to start your morning.  I remember before I helped at the station, I worked with adults with disabilities and one Monday and Tuesday mornings I would drive one of our clients around and we’d empty trash cans around town for her job.  And it was so early.  [well, 8am… but that’s early to be dealing with your town’s trash.]  But I was always so happy, because there was always such amazing music on 89.1 KHOL.

Silly little things, but every time I drive a bit South of town, I think about those mornings.  Those simple mornings.  How community radio saved my sanity… and beyond that, made me love those mornings.

I hope I contribute to that for someone now.

Yesterday was a great Morning Scramble.  We had special guest, Victor Pokorny of Rotating Super Structure, in the studio to tell us about the bands new ventures and help with the music selection.

look how comfortable we all seem with each other.

Take a listen to the show!  I’m not going to be posting them to the Book of Faces any longer, so you’ll have to get your fix here if you want any Scrambles:

Or you can always just check out wull hay’s Soundcloud:

And here’s the playlist, complete with disfunctioning pen frustration:

Here are two of my faves from the show:

[thanks so so much for listening.]


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