What's your 20-something, self-respecting, non-married, non-babied, marginally employed friend doing at 10:00 at night, you ask? Oh, just playing 50's housewife by herself in her new favorite thrift store find. [totally normal.]

we do, too.

Easter was a success. Especially because I received this card in the mail... I love my family. And, yesterday, I got to wear my yellow Easter dress... Oh, taking pictures of myself... by myself.  And the ridiculousness.   I giggle at this picture because: • Am I surprising someone? • Am I getting surprised by someone?… Continue reading we do, too.

good flushers.

A couple nights ago, I helped out at Locavore's Night Out.  It was an event by local food providers and it was just ah-mazing.  [some of the best food of my life.] But it was over the hill [in Idaho], which means that all the beautiful parents and their beautiful children come out of the… Continue reading good flushers.

worth saving.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s finance minister said Britain should cut arts funding to support the war effort. Churchill’s response: “Then what are we fighting for?” I've been thinking a lot about that lately.  What I'm doing.  What we're all doing.  What's worth fighting for.  What fighting looks like.  What government looks like. … Continue reading worth saving.

why is my house all the way over…

Some things I just want to share... [this song.]   [this hilarity.]   [a star wars photo.] i just think this is so hilarious. boba fett and darth vader gossiping over coffee, r2d2 looking on disapprovingly and leia checking her texts. just another typical day in the galaxy.   [and this song.]   [oh, look! … Continue reading why is my house all the way over…

family matters. [not that urkel show.]

Been thinking about my family lots and lots lately. Missing them. But I received my favorite photo in the whole world the other day and it helped... This is a photo of my Momma and my brother, Ryland, when he was just a tot.  I love this photo so much and have wanted a print… Continue reading family matters. [not that urkel show.]

alive, alone, not lonely.

It's April Fool's.  I got nothin'.  Sorry. I had this elaborate plan to convince the doctor at my routine check-up this morning that I was a hermaphrodite, but I chickened out... and she would've figured out soon enough... it was a ladydoctor appointment.  [TMI?  mehdunno.] After my appointment I disappeared to a small coffee shop… Continue reading alive, alone, not lonely.