family matters. [not that urkel show.]

Been thinking about my family lots and lots lately.

Missing them.

But I received my favorite photo in the whole world the other day and it helped…


This is a photo of my Momma and my brother, Ryland, when he was just a tot.  I love this photo so much and have wanted a print of it for so long.

it's perfect.

As soon as I found a place to hang it, I put it on the wall, stepped back and said…

– I want to be a beautiful mother.

Evan looked at me like I had just said something amazingly offensive.  I quickly finished that thought…

– Someday.  Someday I want to be a beautiful mother.

Yes.  Maybe.  Someday.

And then I worked on an invitation for my Daddy’s 60th birthday party.  He wants to have a Malapropism-themed party.  [don’t ask…]  I got so nostalgic for our backyard parties whilst making the invitation.  Missing the fam and the music and the games and the laughs and the food and the hugs and the margs and it all.

I love it.  I love it all.

My family is who I am.  Why I am.  How I am.  What I am.  And I’m so proud.

Dad called the other day and left a message…

– Hey Rocky, I won tickets to a meet and greet with the band Band of Horses… Ever heard of them?

Yep.  My folks are cooler than I am… Did I mention that?

Welp, I gave Daddy a Band of Horses shout-out in this week’s Morning Scramble.  Take a listen…

[have yourself a happy little rest of your tuesday!]

2 thoughts on “family matters. [not that urkel show.]”

  1. We are going to recapture the days of the annual vintage air show flying over our backyard while a serious croquet golf tournament rages on the ground. Along with a freethrow contest for the kids (that yr the kid won the lifesize cutout of Shaq O’Neal, boy were his parents excited), I think he still has it, watch for it on ebay. My Bday is just the excuse to enjoy the effort. No mioptic psychophants allowed!

  2. You of course will be a beautiful mother one day. You can be Dylan’s god mother if you want. He doesn’t have one, and I don’t really know what the job entails but you can have it. But dont worry if we die, we have a contingency plan. Not that you wouldn’t be a great mother to Dylan, but my sister called dibs.

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