wanting me to move.

Haven’t been blahgging all that much.

I feel like I’m running in a million different directions… but I’m not moving at all.

In fact, I’m sitting still, watching the rain mostly… with my skin stretching every which way… wanting me to move.

So, here are just some things… going a million different ways…

yup... that's a hair dryer.

[new architecture in helsinki.]

i very much love this.

4 thoughts on “wanting me to move.”

  1. Rach: Will you post links to the sites where you got the pics/ideas? Would love to see more from some of them. Merci, and good luck with the stretching/moving/sitting/watching/being.

  2. I LOVE the dog poster. I’m still giggling out loud. So many good lines such as: “Chilling in the back yard, seriously not giving a sh*t.” Or: “Borderline obese- Ya know, from the Kraft slices.”

  3. hey whales, most of these things are found on pinterest.com or yayeveryday.com but i should give individual props out to individual blahgs.

    yancey, “akin to a majestic lion’s.”


  4. oh, and i found the architecture in helsinki track via KHOL’s ah-mazing music selection via our ah-mazing music directors. xxo.

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