we do, too.

Easter was a success.

Especially because I received this card in the mail…

I love my family.

And, yesterday, I got to wear my yellow Easter dress…

Oh, taking pictures of myself… by myself.  And the ridiculousness.   I giggle at this picture because:

• Am I surprising someone?

• Am I getting surprised by someone?

• Am I surprising someone with a jazz-hands dance number?

• Am I pregnant?  [i’m not.]

• The ridiculous things in the background: ski boots that should be put away, a guitar that NEVER gets played, a bottle of wine on the typewriter table and a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling juice in the wine rack…

Welp, jut another day on “wull hay”… or “that blahg where that tall chick takes pictures of herself.”

Oh, and listen to this…

[when love is love, don’t let it go away.]

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