you poopin’?

[all names have been changed to protect the fabulous.]

The Boulder/Denver heat was exhausting.  And after frolicking in the streets during the almost twilight hour after seeing The Head and The Heart:

And then waking early to enjoy loved ones galore via delicious brunch, the farmer’s market and Buffalo Exchange… we were pooped.  [some of us more literally than others.]

It became the official lounging hour at Gretel’s house.  I was traveling with Gretel’s sister, Hannah, and it was just us three… all good friends… indulging in some chill time.  Not really talking, just sitting… computering, reading, magazining…

Then Hannah got up and went to the bathroom.  She was in there for a while until we heard her yell, flustered…

– Gretel!  You don’t have any toilet paper in here!

Gretel, on her computer, doesn’t looked flustered in the least about this…

– Oh, yeah.  Sorry!

– Well, I need some!

– Why?  You poopin’?

Long silence….. before we hear Hannah say, sheepishly…

– Maaaaaybeee…

Gretel and I look to each other and giggle pretty hard before she yells back…

– Okay, there’s some downstairs!  I’ll get you some!

And then the funniest part of the whole trip was that Gretel just sat there!  Continuing to stare at her computer, clicking away.  Didn’t flinch at all.  I stared at Gretel for a couple bewildered minutes in amazement that she hadn’t gotten up yet, hadn’t moved an inch, before yelling at her…

– Gretel!  Go get your sister some toilet paper!

– Ugh.  Fiiiiiine…

And then I laughed so hard… almost to the point to which I cried.  When Gretel came back upstairs with a roll of TP, she stood out the door, looked at me and then took a deep breath, plugged her nose… before bursting in.  I laughed ’til I cried.

I loved it.  Hannah did not.

[it was hilarious.]

1 thought on “you poopin’?”

  1. Good name disguises! I have no idea about whom you write! Also it warmed my heart to read about poopin’, since it’s always on the mind of my roommate. Glad to see others do it, too (everybody poops!)!

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