the whole damn year.

I’m usually all about celebrating my birthday for a whole week.  Proclaiming that it’s “MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!  We’re gonna BBQ/eat at Trio/go rafting/watch movies/etc. etc… cuz it’s MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!”

But this year, I didn’t really want to.  Didn’t want to make a fuss.  Didn’t want the hoopla.  I’m getting older, it’s okay that there isn’t a rager, a whole week celebrating me.  [yeah, no, i know how self-involved i sound… rest assured.]

So, this weekend, we went to a nice dinner.  [“we” being some ah-mazing friends who i’m so lucky to have.  and, oh, p.s. today is my actual birthday.] And we did what we would just normally do on a weekend in Jackson.  Adventures.

And when we were all laughing to ourselves on an island in the middle of the Snake River, with the Tetons as a backdrop, setting up a sign we found floating down the river, I couldn’t help but smile inside and out.  I realized I’ve been celebrating this life, my life, almost every day.

This was not a special trip rafting for my birthday, to celebrate.  This was an adventure so amazing, yet so common in our glorious lives of general celebration.  I was so proud of my friends, my family, my community, myself… for celebrating relentlessly.

And, yes, I did it.  I lived, breathed and survived another year.  [i will accept many a congratulations for this.]  But the wonderful thing is that I laughed and played and created and danced and loved and toasted and celebrated… the whole damn year.

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