it’s all the sudden.

Funny how we get so used to our sunshiney days. The jorts [jean shorts… obvi], the over-sized sunglasses, the bikes abounding…

bike week logo by moi.

The nights of a light sweater.  More bikes.  Dinner at 9 because it’s finally getting dark.  Still in jorts.

And then a breeze comes, a chill and so different from yesterday, you want to hibernate.

The temperature drops to the forties and the town retracts like a sand crab to it’s shell at your flashlight presence.

It’s all the sudden cups of tea, slippers, Bon Iver, your favorite sweater and finding new favorite artists.

3 thoughts on “it’s all the sudden.”

  1. So, I meant that to go on your post about the surprise visit to Tejas, but I’m blog-inept…sorry. This post was good, too, though. : )

  2. ha… oh, i love love you MS.

    sorry it’s taken me so long to respond… but, know that you are loved/awesome.

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