for one second.

On this GORGEOUS day here in Wyoming, I participated in the Run and Ride [both the running AND the riding, thanks to my new, sexy road bike] in the morning time.  The race is a 5K run followed by a 15K bike followed by some amazingly adorable kids doing the Kids Race followed by a raffle.

And while I did not win the race [nor get close, in any sense of the word] I did win “His and Hers” Bike Caps in the raffle.  Don’t think for one second we won’t…

...cuz we will.

And here’s a song of the rap persuasion that I can’t get out of my head… just to confuse everyone more…

2 thoughts on “for one second.”

  1. almost did the r and r…but slept in instead and play some baseball later on….next year. LOVE THE CAPS.

  2. oh, i love me some baseball… but i also love getting passed on bikes by one hundred people that are older than my parents… so, i did the run and ride.

    and i’m tryin’ real hard to pull of the cap in normal day to day life. thanks!

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