it’s time.

Bardman is the superhero two year old I hang out with on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He’s starting to turn into an awesome chatterbox and, in general, become a quirky personality.  Bard always carries his bear around… the one who wears a red shirt… Bard calls him “Bug”… he is a safety blanket x10.

Life Lessons from Bardman – #1.

Today, driving home from the library, Bard was a little upset because he didn’t really want to leave.  It was time!  I’m sorry!

A good dancing song came on, something like this:

…and I started car dancing.  [something i learned from my parents.]

I asked Bard…

– Bardman, you wanna dance?

Bard, being a little pouty, replied…

– No.

I waited a while before asking…

– Hey Bug, you wanna dance?

Bard looked down at Bug, then thought for a little bit, then picked up Bug’s hands in his hands and made him dance back and forth.  Finally, Bard started dancing and we were all smiles, dancing the whole way home.

I laughed to myself, thinking about how much easier it is for us all to dance when we have a friend to dance first in front of us.

adorable love.

Life Lessons from Bardman – #2.

Bardman is in the process of potty training.  We don’t go to the toilet [or kid toilet] for him to do his thing.  The first step in the philosophy that his family is using is just for him to be aware and vocal.  So, hilarious conversations tend to happen.

Like the other day, when we were in the Boulder Park, outside walking around and Bard says…

– Ray Ray, Poop!

– Where?

– [matter of factly]  In my pants!


Then today, Bard told me he was pooping.  I asked him…

– You want me to change your diaper?

– No, lemme finish.

– Okay.

We went back to playing trucks and I just figured he’d let me know when he was finished.

Ten minutes later, Bard ran up to me, looked me straight in the eye and said…

– Ray Ray, it’s time to change!

– What??

– It’s time to change!

It took me a hot second to realize that he meant his diaper.  So, we did that.  [college degree at work.]  And for some reason I was all shook up.

There’s something about an innocent voice, shouting in your face, looking at you with concern, saying, “It’s time to change!”

Every single thing that I could maybe change about myself, my life, hit me at once.  Change.  Is it time?


Maybe it is.

What to change?


What to leave?

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