this overall-clad farmboy.

There are a lot of dads out there… we all have one.  Everyone’s is “the best father ever”… and I won’t deny that validity.  [as long as you know that, actually, mine is the best.]

This week, I’ve reflected a lot about who I am, where I came from, why I am the way I am.  All screw ups and lazy flaws aside, I love who I am… because I love where I’ve come from.

I have to thank my Daddy for so many things: my humor, my artistic strives, my courage, my independence, my climbing ventures [just kidding, dad’s afraid of heights], my love for stories and painfully corny jokes*… and so much more…

But what I really want to thank you for, Daddy, is wanting to be a dad.  Wanting to love.  Loving all of us.  And doing it so so well… full force.

I’ve read this old blahg post a few times over today… moving me to tears:

In it, my dad talks to me about his wantings…

“All I wanted to be was a father.  I remember when I was young, screaming at my mom, telling her, ‘I’m going to be a damn good father!’  But then I gave up on it all… I gave up on love and banked on forgetting about wanting a family.  Then I met your mother and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  I didn’t even want to fall in love with her… but your mother, she lights up a room… and I couldn’t deny that.”

The raw honesty and beauty in my father is something I will always value.  Thank you, Daddy, for wanting this.

To think that this overall-clad farmboy…

Met the grooviest, most beautiful lady in Austin…

my momma's in the middle... with daddy being the bearded one.

And they made an amazing family… which contains a not-so-great golfer, but a forced to be reckoned with during car dances… who loves her daddy…

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! 

I love you to pieces!

*All attributes could also be attributed to my amazing Momma… the two are a great team.

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