things you need to remember…

a] i have a radio show: [even if it only is for a couple more weeks.]

b] when you’re scared of doing something that many people think means nothing, there are people like this:

doing the something you think is nothing.  laying under cars when they think they’re inadequate…

c] no matter what you’re music taste, there will always be someone that feels exactly the same way you do, at exactly the same moment…

d] and, you know, that might be a sign of love… like, love… like, fur realz… but it might not.  i trust my father and my admired that when you know… you KNOW… and then, who knows, you might get married…

wait, no... did you see it? did you read it? love. LOVE.


Just don’t end up like this post secret

1 thought on “things you need to remember…”

  1. congrats on the big girl job and thanks for the music mail. looking forward to more of your good news. lovelove

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