I sit at this window, stare out at the park, drink tea, think about putting a bra on, working and then crying.

So much has happened.  So much is happening.

I feel like you can see my headache in that picture.  Overwhelmption [it’s a word now] at it’s best.

Did I tell you I got a job?  A Graphic Design job at Adventure Cycling.  In Missoula.  Montana.

Most amazing part of the interview process?  When one of the founders said..

– Now, Rachel.  I’m going to show you a picture and I want you to tell me how you feel about it.

Ooookay… Now I’m scared.

And he turned over this picture…

That’s my boyfriend.  In the middle.  With his [our] good friend Daniel Davis on looker’s right.  My heart was so warm!

– Oh, my gosh: That’s Evan!  And Daniel!  Oh, this is so great.  What?  How do you have this?

– I take pictures of everyone who stops through here on a tour.  They stopped by in 2005.

Wow.  He had asked Evan’s name in my first interview when I answered, “My boyfriend” to the question, “How’d you find out about this job?”

So that’s happening.  I’m moving.  A week from yesterday.  Well, theoretically I’m moving… Right now it looks like I’m just driving there.  Haven’t packed at all.  I’ve been in a mostly catatonic state since finding out about this great opportunity and the reality of the great loss of Jackson in my life.

Overall, I am very excited.  Daydreaming on the same page as this woman: http://www.whorange.net/whorange/2011/07/dear-whorange-craving-60s-business-casual.html

Having a career, an adorable apartment [pictures to come], a fresh start, styley clothes, etc… it’s all exciting.

And terrifying. [to be honest.]

How am I going to leave a community as amazing as Jackson?  A place where we have kickass events that I’m asked to design posters for…

Sigh.  Hard to leave.

But onward… upward…

3 thoughts on “overwhelmption.”

  1. i know you have all sorts of mixed emotions right now, but i have to tell you my heart smiled at this news. montana is amazing. i’ve only been there one time in my life. i was 5. i remember it like it was yesterday. my first TRUE memories are of that trip to montana. my dad used to build log cabins in montana. after their wedding, my mom and dad packed their car with camping gear, drove to montana, and camped in the mountains for their honeymoon. montana is a special place and i hope you cherish your time there and soak it up!

    p.s. if you want me to come visit you, i can probably arrange something. 🙂 i miss you and love you and i’m so excited for you!!

  2. yes, please!!

    sheena, OF COURSE i want you to come visit me! starting in september, i’ll have an adorable place with a guest room… so exciting.

    we’ll all dance around and take breaks to touch chins and then stampede around like bison.

    love you both so so much.

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