they’re supposedly very intelligent.

How do I explain this feeling?

Starting over, but differently.

I am not running away… I am running towards.

But I envisioned running towards, getting there, crossing some “you’ve done it!” finish line and a celebratory toast with new loves.


Still running.  Looking around like, “this is a great and beautiful run, but where the hell’s the aid station?… I’m exhausted.”

And yet, I’m up at almost 11, drinking wine, watching a go-to:

[my goodness, so precious.]

[and then one of my favorite scenes from any movie… that slow-mo hand… ugh.  love it.]

It’s solace for not being here tonight:

designed by moi.

I hope it was a gorgeous night for Jacksonites and they fell in love with biking over to sit under the stars and have a brew whilst watching Elliot try and save his new best friend.

If you’re not watching E.T., you should go watch this:  [most of you have heard this before.]

…but seriously, add it to your Netflix queue. [<—weirdest word, i just realized.]

And if you’re not watching, yet listening, take a listen to this:

…I’ll love you forever.

Oh, who are we kidding… I’ll love you foreverforever anywho.


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