workin’ on my night cheese.

Work is going well.  Very well.

I think they might be getting tired of me singing this every time I show them something I’ve finished…

“I made it!… I made it!…”

The days have been going like this:

Wake up.


Really wake up.


Breakfast?  A cookie.

Bike to work.  [p.s. i don’t get lost biking to work anymore… aren’t you proud?]


Design.  Design.  Design.

Go for a lunchtime run.  [i know… who would’ve guessed?  dan long’s not around to eat philly cheesesteaks with.]

Design.  Design.

Watch the guy on the roof from the building over… who my boss doesn’t believe exists because he hasn’t ever seen him.


Go home.

Design some more.  [freelancin’.]

Hang out with Liz Lemon.

Eat a box of macaroni and cheese.



Today, I came to a little coffee shop to work more.

Work on fun things.

Listen to the great music playing at the coffee shop.

People watch.

And try to keep the sun out of my eyes.

[and that’s what i’m doing these days.]

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