the simplicity. the love.

Evan was here [in missoula… my new home] this weekend.

Yesterday, after running around, moving things, garage saling things, we had plans to go to the River City Roots Festival.

We stumbled in my new [ah-mazing] apartment, with nothing really ready to go in there… except for my new favorite thing.

A record player/radio/iPod player that was given to us at a garage sale that morning.  We had got it situated and finally turned on the radio to see if it was working.

This song was on their community radio station:

Oh, it was so perfect.

With wine in hand, I started dancing.

Evan put a pizza in the oven and we toasted to a happy home.

And then this song came on:

…It was just too perfect.

A love of mine, Gretchen, had just reintroduced me to the song just recently and I remembered how much I love it… then, that moment, in the kitchen, dancing [in the most precious interpretive, ballerina manner], it was all so well, beautiful.

The windows open, the wine poured for a third round, good pizza, we sat on bins and toasted.


We toasted to so many things, I can’t remember.

Evan took arty pictures:

Evan said…

– Do you still want to go to the festival?

– We’ll leave when a bad song comes on.

That time never came.  We stayed there, in the kitchen, all night.  Listening to music, talking, drinking wine, dancing and admiring the new record player.

It was one of those night.  Special.  Magic.  Perfect.

[…for no other reason than the timing.  the simplicity.  the love.]

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