keep you in my heart.

I meant to put this up a while ago.

But life has had me doing so many other things besides blahgging.

Regardless, music has been playing the whole time I’ve been adventuring, working, loving, dancing, learning.

So, I want to share some of that music… with you.

Here ye be:


[some of you have a lesser version of this mix that I sent via the emails… hit this instead; you’ll like it.]

1.  The Physics – These Moments

2.  M83 – Midnight City

3.  Class Actress – Keep You

4.  Foster the People – Houdini

5.  Coconut Records – Microphone

6.  Love Inks – Blackeye

7.  SBTRKT – Wildfire

8.  Washed Out – Before

9.  Little Dragon – Ritual Union

10.  Neon Indian – Polish Girl

11.  The Sea and Cake – Lyric

12.  Caveman – Thankful

13.  Feist – How Come You Never Go There

14.  Cults – Never Saw the Point

15.  Big Troubles – Misery

16.  Wugazi – Sleep Rules Everything Around Me

17.  The New Division – Bucharest

[i wanna keep you in my heart.]

7 thoughts on “keep you in my heart.”

  1. I dont know if it worked for anyone else, but when i click the link it says file removed for violation. Violation of cool? I dont know.

  2. here’s a new plan… each morning in my inbox you have me a “playlist o’ the day” waiting for me.

  3. we could probably work something out… what if it was weekly? in return, would you visit missoula and shower me with hugs and margs?

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